Artisanal Production


The artisan families in towns with culture of textile production called Amarapura and Inn-Lay turn AmaraKhit designs into beautiful fabrics. All complete designs begin their journey in our weaving villages, where our experienced artisans use the traditional techniques and hand-weaving complex with a focus on design and quality.

All our products are finished in Yangon by hand. Once weaved, our fabrics make their way to the sewing studio to be pieced together. We sew ourselves for small amount of quantity especially for limitation edition products, which provides social and professional reintegration for women by offering alternative employment and training. We are proud to be keeping the art of skillful sewing alive at Amara Khit. We put investments into skill development of designers and garment makers by bringing in experienced designers and experts who understand the needs of a modern consumer.

For larger quantities, we employ the services of garment factories in Yangon most of which are source of employment for urban women with low skills.   We do not own factories, but instead buys products from independent suppliers that are close long-term partners of Amara Khit. We work to bring about long-term improvement for people in the supply chain, the garment lifecycle and the communities in which we are active.