About the Brand


Amara means an eternal live whilst Khit means an era or time - hence being "Timeless Living".  Providing the essence of Art and Design is at the heart of Amara Khit, it is what we are all about.  Amara Khit proudly present the art of timeless living bringing the beauty of Myanmar to the world.  The personal touches are easily noticeable on different pieces of Amara Khit representing the uniqueness of each. 

We offer home textile & decor, furniture and accessories with a touch of traditional artisans to bring the feel of greater vibrancy and lifeless to your home.

  • Do you ever wonder what gifts to buy for that special friend of yours from school?
  • Want to impress your girlfriend with a little something away from the mainstream?
  • Or may be you’re invited to a wedding and show off creativity in selecting a present for the new couple.
  • Do you want your home have a feel of a distant place full of charm and mystery?
If you're having trouble looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you're at the right place. Hardly very few places can beat Burma (Myanmar) with its beautiful landscape and designs produced by people living there. We provide unique and limited edition handmade home textile & art decoration that includes all of cushion covers, blankets, tablemats and wall art decorations. A subtle luxury brewed with exotic designs for your home will surely make your heart melt.

It's true, our enthusiasm, usually is directly proportionate to the affinity we have for the subject we are working on. And in this case, we love our design and fabric. We love what we can do with it, how we can work it to completely change the look of a space.


We believe you will be happy with our products for your home and your loved ones and being assured that they were made with love and care by the artisans whose lives are improved by your purchase. 
Our brand promise is subtle distinction where our customers can use our products on everyday business with a flare of artsy.