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Shwe Thiri Khit, the founder and managing director of Amara Khit, has a deep love for art and design. As an artist, she followed her dreams in creating many artworks with her art business for the past nine years. 

She is an artist, entrepreneur, educator, you can visit her personal website www.shwethirikhit.com where you can see more of her artworks, portfolio and creations.

Her motivation for launching Amara Khit is to introduce the unique Myanmar products with a passion of her designs to bring the beauty of Myanmar to the world. She innovate a whole new world with Amara Khit by combining both her love of design and textile to create tantalizing home products. She established Amara Khit Co., Ltd. in 2014 with the goal to fill the niche of a prevalently lacking market for high quality and customizable home textile that is colorful and artful. "Personally there's no better satisfaction than knowing that my creations have given joy to someone else", she said. Shwe loves creating and sharing beauty, she is a woman of strength and carried herself with such confidence. 




We are all about creating products you can trust, bringing them to you is a passion that’s in our DNA. We are a family run business based on young and ambitious experts who are passionate to make a positive change in Myanmar through home textiles and decorative products.

We are an innovative design company, yet always go beyond the design process and delve into the supply chain. We know where the fabrics and rattans are woven, occasionally by whom, as all are artisans. We are mindful to increase employment opportunities for women and feel satisfied when increased income result in higher living standards of their families. Our fabrics, hand spun threads, and rattans are all locally produced and garment which again led to creating jobs in areas where they are needed the most. AmaraKhit put investments into skill development of designers and garment makers by bringing in experienced designers and experts who understand the needs of a modern consumer. Customer service is very important to us and we are happy to suit your needs. We try to stay on top of emails, calls and website inquiries. We are constantly growing and evolving.

Visit Shwe Thiri Khit's website to learn more about creativity and business tips for the creatives, her artworks and portfolio, and online courses. 

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