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Creating Traditional Elephant Motif Designs

Shwe Khit

Posted on January 20 2016

Collection of Animal Motifs 
We were designing a range of animal motifs for our collection based on Myanmar traditional stories. In our designs, we inspired a lot of elephant symbol and created a collection based on some stories in history. We'd like to tell you the elephants story which is one of the most popular in Myanmar.

Story of White Elephants in History
In Myanmar, white elephant is a symbol of peace, power and prosperity and it is revered as a blessing to the country. Actually the elephant is light reddish brown or pale pink in color. The importance of the white elephant originates in the role which it plays in Buddhism and in the Jakatas and over the years the elephants have been accepted by royalty as treasured gifts. Elephants have a significant place in Burmese history as been employed on the battlefield and working as timber elephants.

People in Myanmar believes that appearance of a white elephant means good luck and is a sign of good future to the country. The slightly negative story of white elephants are that wars have been fought over who takes ownership of those beauties, wars which were wasteful of resources and lives and there is a term "White Elephant Projects".


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